Make your brand stand out from the crowd by maximizing your paid ads while maintaining its identity 

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What I Do

Digital Campaign Strategist

Creating a digital campaign can be tricky and time-consuming, especially with keeping track of your company branding. 


I will help you to create a detailed roadmap that outlines your marketing strategies, tactics, costs and projected results over a period of time.

Campaign Content Creation

Find it difficult to choose the right keyword, call to action and design for your campaign creative that suits your company branding and target market?


We got your back. We will create the campaign creative across chosen media for you. Include design, headlines, descriptions and call to action.

Complete Campaign Package 

Consistency is one of the marketing keys.


To ensure your company brand is delivered consistently around your digital campaign and able to reach your target market, we offer a complete campaign package covering campaign strategy and content creation.

Company Branding

You don't just want customers who recognize your brand and use your business once — you want to create customers who continue to come back. With good branding, you can give your brand a more human side, which your customers can relate to more than a company that's strictly all business.


Hello, I’m Eve!

Here to help you create a stand-out digital campaign while maintaining your company brand

I started work in social media marketing three years ago and have focused on creating campaigns for Facebook and google ads for about two years now. I fell hard for this field because I get to be creative, but I also get to nerd out on data. I am so honored to work with our clients, and being a part of their growth and brand is the best part of what I do.






What People Are Saying

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We’ve joined our hands on several projects, and Eva is one of the best people I had as a work partner. I highly recommend her expertise to any person looking for a Social Media Manager. Her ability to tackle any problem is remarkable and with a warm smile 

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